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The Wyth carpooling app can help any student with a car make money, reduce pollution, and meet new people… and that ‘any student’ includes YOU. Unlike any rideshare ever, YOU as the driver are in control of the process. YOU initiate the ride,
YOU decide when to leave, and YOU decide how many people you want to come with you on the trip YOU were already taking. YOU also get to negotiate the price and accept the rate YOU want to accept as well as choose who YOU would like
to drive. The power is Wyth YOU.


You can see mutual friends, rider ratings, and preferences on the potential passenger’s prole. No cash changes hands, so
there isn’t an awkward nancial transaction at the beginning or end of the ride. The great news is you still get paid 20% of
the trip rate if you’re ghosted. Campus parking is limited, and parking rates keep going up. You can reduce that cost by carpooling, and Wyth is easy to use because you’re already going that way.

Students from the same school build tighter bonds, and you can ride over and over together sharing memorable moments
with your new friends. Wyth also rewards you for your rides with special perks, gas money, and gift cards. We want to reward you for taking on your role as a “thought-leader” in respect to these sustainability and public health issues while
making your regular trips home and to fun events.



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