Our Philosophy

Our mission is to create an efficient enjoyable carpooling and rideshare service where college students can make/save money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions to create sustainable futures.

We also want to build a community that lowers the strain of students traveling alone long distances while getting cars off of the road and putting parents at ease when sending kids to and from their destinations.

Everyone achieving the same goal.

Wyth is a New “closed-loop” carpooling and rideshare app specifically designed for colleges and Universities that matches student riders with student drivers.
The Wyth App creates a closed university community to promote safety, friendship and sustainability initiatives.

Meet the Team

Khalil Shalabi

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Hollye Hills

Chief Operations Officer

John Morris

Chief Financial Officer

Nicholas Strata

VP of Project Development & Government Affairs

Jen McDowell

General Counsel

Julie Cheatham

Associate General Counsel

Yvette Mack-Tate

Vice President of HR

Michael Caponigro

Vice President of Sales

Geoff Shaver

Director of Investment Strategy

Jerry Kavouras

Vice President of IT

Tilal Husain

Director of IT

Steven Suggett

Programming Manager

Damon Fairbairn

Digital Marketing Manager

Jesus Guzman

Software / Marketing

Kamran Rasool

Software Developer

Faizan Khaliq

Software Developer

Sheheryar Khan

Software Developer

Jim Carr

Director of Project Management

Evan Smith

Marketing Designer


Dr. Clinton Purtell

Strategic Advisor

Timothy Rogers

Financial Advisor

Glenn Hafner

Investment Advisor

Ann Madea

Technology Advisor