The Origin of Wyth

On a frigid winter’s day in 2017, a father embarked on the ritual of driving his daughter to school. Only, his daughter was a college sophomore, and her university was 160 miles away from home. He thought, “Is there no better way for students to get to and from their college campuses?” 

That father was Kal (Khalil Shalabi), our founder. 

And the idea for Wyth, a carpool and rideshare service that could more affordably transport students from the same college or university community, while reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, was born.

What is Wyth?

Wyth is an exclusive rideshare and carpool app specifically designed to serve college and university community members, and connect them to each other. Whether they need a ride across campus, across town, or across the country, Wyth’s unique “closed loop” system and business model offers a more affordable way to put students and the university community first.

Our Promise

The founders at Wyth are committed to promoting security and community among universities, while creating economic opportunities for students, student organizations and members of the academic community. In doing so, Wyth helps to foster friendships, alleviate the headaches of mobility for students and parents alike, and reduce our collective carbon footprint. At Wyth, we believe that a ride Wyth us is a step toward friendship, community, safety, and sustainability.


Khalil Shalabi

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Hollye Hills

Chief Operations Officer

John Morris

Chief Financial Officer

Nicholas Strata

VP Operations & Government Affairs

Jen McDowell

General Counsel

Kenneth Allen

Associate General Counsel

Yvette Mack-Tate

Vice President of HR

Timothy Rogers

Senior Vice President of Finance

Jerry Kavouras

Vice President of IT

Eric Dubiel

VP Program Management

Sharon Yee

VP of Marketing

Steven Suggett

Programming Systems Administrator

Tilal Husain

Director of IT

Hasham Taihidi

Software Developer

Faizan Khaliq

Software Developer

Sheher Yar Khan

Software Developer

Damon Fairbairn

Digital Marketing Manager

Jesus Guzman

Marketing Support

Cesar Jaime

Social Media Director


Dr. Clinton Purtell

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Seth Ketron

Marketing & Business Advisor

Mike Caponigro

Business Advisor

Glenn Hafner

Investment Advisor