Looking to Drive a Carpool?

New college student drivers are always joining the Wyth family. You can make money going anywhere you would like to drive.

Looking to Drive a Carpool?

New college student drivers are always joining the Wyth family. You can make money going anywhere you would like to drive.

Where Are You Going?

What are the Benefits?

Well, here are a few that we think you will like.

Make Money Going Places You are Already Headed

Students with cars are able to “sell” empty seats on up-coming trips to cover cost and make money on an already planned trip. You negotiate the price and accept what rate you would like.

Convert Your Car to Make Money

Schools have issues with not enough parking. Wyth is a service that freshmen/sophomores can especially take advantage of.  And if you do bring a car to school,  it converts from a liability (parking costs) to earning you money.

Earn Perks

Wyth offers our drivers many perks for driving for us.

From gas cards to restaurant discounts, we are always looking for new ways to show our drivers how much we appreciate the hard work.


Safety is of top concern, today more than ever. Wyth was created with this in mind.

  • All users are verified college students
  • Student can share itinerary and Geo location with anyone
  • Student can set gender preference of other travelers
  • Cashless process – Wyth takes the awkwardness out of financial transactions and handling money
  • Rating system at end of the ride
  • Covid-19 contact tracing in minutes

How does it work?

Step 1
Download the App

Available in Google Play and the Apple Store, Search for "Wyth" and download the app to get started

Step 2
Pick Your Date

Planning a long trip? Whether you are offering a ride or looking for a ride, tell us when and where you want to go. 

Step 3
Post a Ride

Tell us where you’re heading. Customize your trip based on your schedule, number of seats, and your preferences. 

Step 4
Review Riders

Drivers will be able to view passenger profiles, mutual friends, cumulative star rating, and number of cancellations. 

Step 5
Rider Makes an Offer

Passengers initiate an offer to the driver and together they agree upon a set price.

Step 6
Driver Accepts an Offer

Drivers may counter-offer prices until they mutually agree with the passenger on a price. 

Step 7
Take the Trip

Using Google Maps, drivers can assess turn-by-turn directions to safely head toward their destinations. Drivers and passengers can send their itinerary to their family and friends so they can track the ride. 

Step 8
Complete Your Trip

After reaching your destination, drivers and riders can rate each other and leave comments on their experience using the Wyth app. 

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Meet a Driver

Sam A.


I am a senior and have done 5 drives with Wyth. Meeting new people and making good money is always a plus, and I hope to do more over vacation. I love anywhere with mountains and my last road trip was to the Grand Canyon. To me, environmental issues are a huge dilemma in today's world. Their impacts may not be so evident right now, but they will be further down the road when it's too late to do anything about it. Carpooling is a good way to lower your carbon footprint. Also, I love concerts. Riot Fest 2019 was my favorite concert experience and football is my favorite sport to watch in person. Go Hawkeyes!

Meet a Rider

Brittany P.


Last year ended so crazy, I was happy when I found Wyth. I could look and see what people on campus and around me were doing. I even made new friends around school I didn’t know that had the same interests. Now, I can find out what everyone else at my school is doing and seeing where I can go like hiking or biking. And I am going to use it to get home for Thanksgiving. It’s a pain for my parents to come pick me up and drop me off because they have my grandma living with them.

Meet a Parent

Kal S.

Orland Park

I guess I am the first featured parent because I invented the app. I was happy to create something that was so easy for my girls and their friends to use. It built a community of people from the same school to go different places and take road trips together. Now during Covid-19, our youngest is making friendships from our town with people who have the same interests. Going hiking and to outdoor concerts has been a great way for her to get out and not be bored or lonely.

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So, are your ready to Drive?