A Driver’s License

You must be at least 20 years old and possess a valid United States drivers license, as well as have up-to-date registration for your vehicle.

A  4-Door Car

The most important part! Can’t work for a rideshare company without a ride!


Your vehicle must be insured, meeting our minimum requirements. (These may be above state minimum guidelines)!

What are the Benefits?

$14 Per Hour Guaranteed!

Our drivers make $14 per hour.

Since you are only driving around within the campus boundary, pay by mile just isn’t worth it. At Wyth, we believe you should be paid when you work, not how far you go.

As long as you’re on call, you’re getting paid.

Work On Your Time

We work with your schedule; tell US when YOU can work.

Wyth was built for college students, so we understand your schedule is anything but ordinary. Drivers set their own hours and work when they want to work. Work between classes for an hour or drive the whole day. There are no mandatory hour requirements.

Earn Perks

Wyth offers our drivers many perks for driving for us.

From gas cards to restaurant discounts, we are always looking for new ways to show our drivers how much we appreciate the hard work.


Safety is of top concern, today more than ever. Wyth was created with this in mind.


From contact tracing to cashless transactions, and verification by both the driver and rider via a QR code scan, driving is only open to active students, faculty, and staff members, creating a closed loop transportation community.

More to come!

There are more benefits to come as a member of our Wyth Community!

So, are you ready to Drive?

Click below to fill out a driver application and start earning!