We’re Wyth You

To Answer Any and All of Your Questions

We understand it’s a parent’s job to worry, so we are here to help. Read about how Wyth works or check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

We’re Wyth You To Answer Any and All of Your Questions

We understand it’s a parent’s job to worry, so we are here to help. Read about how Wyth works or check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

What is Wyth?

Wyth Carpool was developed specifically for college students and their parents. The Wyth app offers your son or daughter an inexpensive way to ride back and forth from home and college.

Wyth puts parents’ minds at ease by ensuring all members on the Wyth app have a verified .edu email address, as well as real time tracking throughout the journey.

Since all of the students’ school rules apply during the ride, we have found that they are able to make new friends at school & from their hometown area. Driving and riding with people from the same school also reduces travel anxiety, while having a positive environmental impact.

The Wyth app gives parents and students independence from bus and train schedules/delays, as well as keeping students within their school bubble. A rider bids on a ride that is convenient and when they are accepted as riders, everyone who they will be riding with can be shared with parents.

Not only will you not have to do a long turn-around drive, but your student can make new friends and get home door to door, while saving money.

Why Students Carpool Wyth Us

Ride with Other Students

Riding long distances with fellow students is a stellar way to get places. Connect with others who have your same interest in music or are from your hometown, and make new friends!

Unmatched Safety

No other carpool service offers what we do. From contact tracing and sharing realtime Geo locations with loved ones, to our strict health and safety guidelines for riders and drivers alike, no one else comes close.

Unique Features

Students can set their gender preferences for each trip. Beach weekend with the girls, football games with guys, or going home and just don’t care. Every trip is different. There is also a rating system at end of the ride for both driver and rider. 

Cashless Process

Wyth takes the awkwardness out of financial transactions and handling money between friends or new acquaintances. 

Meet a Driver

Sam A.


I am a senior and have done 5 drives with Wyth. Meeting new people and making good money is always a plus, and I hope to do more over vacation. I love anywhere with mountains and my last road trip was to the Grand Canyon. To me, environmental issues are a huge dilemma in today's world. Their impacts may not be so evident right now, but they will be further down the road when it's too late to do anything about it. Carpooling is a good way to lower your carbon footprint. Also, I love concerts. Riot Fest 2019 was my favorite concert experience and football is my favorite sport to watch in person. Go Hawkeyes!

Meet a Rider

Brittany P.


Last year ended so crazy, I was happy when I found Wyth. I could look and see what people on campus and around me were doing. I even made new friends around school I didn’t know that had the same interests. Now, I can find out what everyone else at my school is doing and seeing where I can go like hiking or biking. And I am going to use it to get home for Thanksgiving. It’s a pain for my parents to come pick me up and drop me off because they have my grandma living with them.

Meet a Parent

Kal S.

Orland Park

I guess I am the first featured parent because I invented the app. I was happy to create something that was so easy for my girls and their friends to use. It built a community of people from the same school to go different places and take road trips together. Now during Covid-19, our youngest is making friendships from our town with people who have the same interests. Going hiking and to outdoor concerts has been a great way for her to get out and not be bored or lonely.

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What is Wyth?

Wyth Carpool is a college carpooling app for students traveling long distances – home, school events, and trips during winter/spring breaks. Wyth is designed exclusively for college students and provides a platform for students to share rides, offset travel costs and meet new friends along the way. Tell us where and when you are going somewhere along with your preferences and the app will match you with riders going the same way you are.

How does it work?

After downloading the app from Google Play or the APP Store,  sign up, then simply open the app, enter your trip details, look for matches, and book your trips.

When is Wyth coming to my school?

Wyth Carpool is already at your school. Just download the app and connect with students taking trips off campus. Wyth Rideshare is launching on campuses throughout the U.S. in 2021. To request the Wyth Rideshare Program on your campus, please contact us HERE.

How to access/manage my Wyth Payment account?

You can access/manage your payment account via My Payments. You can view your Credit Card information that will be used as a default when you book a trip or by With U-Pass Tokens. If you want to change your credit or debit card information, you can do so in the app at any time under “My Payments”.

What is Wyth's refund policy?

For a full refund of carpool trip fees (excluding transaction fees), cancellations must be made a full 24 hours prior to the scheduled trip start time (or 3pm if not specified) on the scheduled date of the trip. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the trip start, you will be assessed a 20% cancellation fee along with associated transaction fees.

How do cash bonuses work?

You may be eligible for cash bonus promotions when you take your first trip and/or invite friends who have never used Wyth to take their first. When applicable, cash bonuses will be credited to your account via the app.

Still have questions? No problem.

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